Fast + Steady


Fast + Steady is the Bristol-based lettering and typographic studio of me, David Abbott. Hey there.

Since way back when I’ve drawn words on things. School books, notebooks, sketchbooks. The odd wall. Not much has changed except that these days I get to do it for other people too. Now, instead of other people calling me a punk, I call myself a lettering artist.

I lived in America for 8 of my formative years which still has a disproportionate effect on my current life which is now lived in Bristol, UK.  You might notice an American flavour to my work. It’s definitely there.

I work out of The Forge which if you don’t know is pretty great and you should definitely come visit.

You can approach me for editorials, logos, other custom jobs or country music recommendations.

Why Fast + Steady?

I'm glad you asked. I bought this great tee from Ugmonk in 2015. I've enjoyed wearing it ever since until one day my daughter observed that surely fast and steady would win the race. I couldn't argue with her logic so I designed a revised version just for her. Then it just began to fit lots of other stuff, especially my own working process. I realised that I love to make new work all the time, and that the best stuff I make isn't pored over and pored over but generally comes from quick sketches and then some care and steady attention in the finishing.

What else do I need to know?

This typeface is GT Walsheim. I saw it on It's Nice That and thought the exact same thing. I also run a design studio. I have been doing that since 2009 and lettering has been poking and prodding me all that time. So finally I made a site to showcase just the lettering. This is it. My name is David, not Dave. Don't call me Dave unless you're my actual brother.

Contact details please

Sure thing. 07710 024 841